itsgonnahurt hot nuts pierced

itsgonnahurt hot nuts pierced

LoL! The first time I saw a guy with a pierced nut sack! : D Bull like nothing! Cock also had a nice piece but compared to it’s highest Castro! But let’s get to the point .. I met this guy high on the beach. At first glance, good cake. He learned about me from someone and decided to try it. I told him that its gonna hurt! But it is not taken over. So I stuck him in the asshole of my boomerang and then it began! He fell to his knees in pain! Tore open a condom in his ass to shreds! And I sit back and relax his asshole fucked in such a way that hid the poor air. Poor boy: ( ItsGonnaHurtPass.com! ItsGonnaHurt

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