its gonna hurt goal in the hole

its gonna hurt goal in the hole

Castro Supreme prowls the football pitches! Fear the athletes because ITS GONNA HURT! The first victim athlete’s booty hole was a boy named James. Castro said that if someone has an amazing physical strength must be immune to pain. And he just needed a monster to his people withstand pain! When Castro admired athletic ass player, and already in thought he indulged in his flesh, the man offered him a small test of endurance. Castro jumped up and ran like a gazelle! He had to get that sweet ass! Everything he dreamed of it was already placing on the pitch cock in James ass! But this is already a rule that Castro gets what he wants! Bo returned home to James it was GAME OVER! Do not have the slightest chance against the Castro Supreme! You Better Believe It’s Gonna Hurt. Castro turned over the poor in each direction and fucked his virgin asshole in every position imaginable. Slaughtering his pretty little bum-hole. Until Castro dropped a huge load of nuts on his face. Amazing I tell you! Cum check this crazy shit out. Peace! Its Gonna Hurt

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